In August 2019, we stayed and volunteered at Charlie’s Angels in Pueblo Nuevo, a small village in Costa Rica.

This is a dog rescue center for abused or abandoned dogs. When we were there, they had 24 dogs, 10 of those were pups and 2 that were paralyzed and couldn’t move their back legs.

This place is run by 2 volunteers, Shannon and Marcus.

Every day we had duties. First thing in the morning (around 6am) we took the bigger dogs for a long walk up the mountains near by. The dogs were really strong and excited so ended up pulling us the whole way.

Some of the morning hikes were tiring

When we got back, kennels had to be cleaned and fresh water given. The dogs were fed at 8am and 6pm every day. Between these times, we would walk the dogs around the block for extra exercise and also give them some love and attention. If needed we would also bath the dogs.

During our 10 days there, we made some friends. Amanda, a girl Tiana’s age who was very cute would come by every day to play and I met a boy called Lisandro who was 13 years old, together we would clean mb trees and pick fruit, he showed what fruit was edible.

One morning we did an extra long hike up the mountain to reach the cross on top. This was really cool because 2 families from the village hiked with us and we had a picnic breakfast once we reached the top.

Us on the mountain sitting underneath the cross

Whenever I went to the big puppies, they would jump all over me and lick my face. One dog in particular (Sally) would bite my hair or try pull my ears off. I spent a lot of time in this enclosure just sitting and playing with the pups, they all had very special personalities and I grew to love them very much.5l

One night after we went to bed , Dad heard scratching on the front door of our casita, when he opened it, a big brown Labrador came bouncing into the house. We had no idea how he got there or where he had come from, but looked very healthy and well fed, so we assumed he was lost and hoped his owners would come looking for him. We named him Douglas and put him in with two of the big dogs who he got on with very well with. Douglas was the strongest dog at the rescue center and would always pull me up the mountains and drag me back down again.

This is Douglas

Whilst at the dog rescue we got to meet another volunteer, Carol. She was a French girl who was traveling through Central America and had been volunteering there for the past month. Carol taught us how to make delicious crepes whilst Marcus made mouthwatering pizza. Which we all shared one night in front of the bonfire.

Tiana, Shanon, Marcus and me sitting on the porch

I had an awesome time at Charlie’s Angels and hope I will return. This was one of the best things I have done during my travels and I loved being around so many dogs.