My parents booked tickets to Cape Town without Tiana and I knowing. On Tiana’s birthday she was given an envelope which contained a message that we were going to Cape Town.

Tiana and I crying with happiness

As soon as we arrived we went to Constantia Village mall to surprise some of our friends. I surprised my friend Ross by hiding behind some clothes in a shop. Our parents had arranged for his mum to bring him there. When we saw each other we both started crying!

Ross and I

During the week Tiana and I had to do a presentation in front of 250 children at our school. We had been practicing this for a while. When I first got on stage I felt so nervous, it felt like my stomach was full of butterflies. As the presentation went on it became really fun.

Tiana and I giving the presentation
me and all my friends from school

Later in the week I gave my other best friend a surprise. Daniel was at a restaurant with his parents when I snuck up on him. When I saw him we both started crying. That evening I went to his house for a sleepover

I gave all my friends a bucket hat from Vietnam

Friends left: Rico, Josh, Ollie

I had an amazing 2 weeks with my friends, grandma and pets. I also enjoyed the delicious BBQs and all the meat, the hot weather , the pools and lots more.