On my birthday mom and dad took Rico and I to a cat cafe and dad handed me an envelope. I thought it was one i had opened already but it was not…

Inside the envelope was a letter reading “we are going to Cape Town on our way to South America” Rico and I both burst out crying!

Rico and I crying

As soon as we arrived in Cape Town we went to Constantia Village mall to surprise some of our friends!

Later that night we went to our favorite restaurant and we surprised our special friends, I surprised my best friends Felicity and Sophie. When i went to get a piece of pizza and Felicity, AKA flee, saw me by accident and we both started crying!

left Flee,Tiana,Sophie

Rico and I returned to Sweet Vally primary school and saw all of our friends. We did a presentation for 256 children. We were so nervous at the start but as the presentation went on we started letting loose and getting more confident.

During our nice time in Cape Town we surprised all of our friends and family. At grandmas house we saw our pets and had lots of fun with everybody