Tempo De Juego meaning Time to Play, is a foundation set up to help empower children and stop them from hanging around on the streets in vulnerable areas of Colombia. Here they offer many different activities for the children, like football, dancing, crafts, music, homework & English – None of which are compulsory for them to attend. TDJ is open for kids before and after school for children between the ages of 6 to 18 years old.

TDJ started in Bogota(the capital of Colombia) 10 years ago and has grown over the years, they now have foundations  in three different barrios.

On 18th of February we started volunteering at Tempo De Juego in La Lucha, a poor barrio just outside Santa Marta which is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

As part of our volunteering we ran some English classes, Dad and I lead some football classes and Tiana ran a few craft classes teaching origami making swans and frogs in busy ponds. Other times we would play and interact with the children keeping them active and teaching some basics in English.

At first I found it quite hard to communicate because I could not speak any Spanish and used google translate to help; over the weeks my Spanish improved and now I can communicate much better than before.

I made quite a few friends by the end of our 6 weeks and didn’t want to leave ,but as always when traveling you have to say your goodbyes and hope to meet up again sometime in the future.

That’s the worst part of traveling.

Now you have caught up so you are up to date bye!! 🙂