THE CHOCOLATE MUSEUM it is a shop full of testers and tasters plus a mini museum. Mom and I went and we were there for two hours. We tasted hot chocolate, chocolate ice tea, chocolate tea, chocolate coffee and of course lots chocolate! I tried to take some chocolate home for Rico but it half malted and got too tempting, so I ate it (shhh don’t tell Rico!!). The next day we went back to the chocolate museum after our walking tour, this time dad and Rico came too. Again, we tried more tasters; I thought that the chocolate face cream was food so I ate it- it was disgusting!!!! Rico and I signed up to do the chocolate tour where we would learn about the process of making chocolate from the bean and then get to create our own flavored chocolates.

How to make chocolate

First you plant the cacao seed

When the tree is fully grown take the fruit and cut it open

Then take the pods out and dry them

When dry send to factory

In the factory

Now put the seeds in a large pan and heat up

Next peel the seeds

If you want coco powder grind until you get powderIf you want paste grind for a lot longer

Now put the paste on a marble table and take two metal spatulas and mix and that is pure dark chocolate

But if you want a different kind of chocolate you can add milk and sugar (milk chocolate, white chocolate, etc)

Put in mold and then put in the fridge

Well done you just made chocolate

this is the cacao fruit witch is the fruit that makes coco This is the coco fruit