On the first of May my family and I went to the Equator in Ecuador.

This is an imaginary line that runs through the middle of the earth separating the Northern and Southern hemisphere, lying at 0 degrees latitude. It is 40 075km long stretching around the widest part of the earth.

We went to the Inti-Nan Solar Museum where a guide took us through all the different displays showing an old traditional house from the local Andean people, other traditions and animals from the Amazon rain forest and some experiments involving the centrifugal forces at the equator.

There were three activities:

  1. Balancing an egg on the flat side of a nail – apparently this is easier to do at the equator – but I couldn’t manage it.
  2. Walking, eyes closed, chin up along a line on the equator – this was really difficult as the forces from each hemisphere were pulling us in different directions.
  3. Demonstrating how water goes down the plughole of a sink – In the Southern hemisphere water goes down in an anti-clockwise direction, while in the Northern hemisphere it goes in a clockwise direction and on the actual equator where the water fell straight down.

Later that day on our way to lunch, we saw the contestants for Miss Ecuador, they were at the equator as part of their pageant. I managed to get my photo with one of the ladies.

After this we went to a local restaurant for a lovely lunch. We were given a taster of the local ice cream which has cheese in it – Not nice!!!