In Quito the capitol of Ecuador my family and I booked a trip to the Amazon. To get there we took a 7 hour bus to get to a small town where we changed buses for another 2 hours to our starting point at the river. Our guide came and introduced himself. His name was Romulos. After lunch we went on a 3 hour boat ride to our lodge. That evening we went on a night walk into the jungle. Within the first 2 minutes we saw 2 hairy tarantulas. A little furthering we saw a machine spider. Romulos explained that this spider can jump and is very dangerous- causing a lot of pain for 7 hours- quite freaked out about this we carried on walking through the jungle. We stopped to look at a tree frog when everybody started feeling bites, after a moment of panic we discovered that biting ants were falling from the trees. Our walk ended swiftly after that. We were woken up with Tiana’s SCREAMS as a tarantula crawled into the room that morning. I was the hero as I shoved him out of the room.

Our time in the jungle was spent looking for animals either by boat along the river or trekking through the jungle. We were very lucky as we got to see sloths, various monkeys, anacondas, pink dolphins and pirañas in their natural habitat. We visited a local community living in the amazon to make yuca bread. Yuca is a vegetable similar to a potato. Here we dug up the roots, peeled and grated till moosh, squeezed out the liquid and made pancake like bread.

On our last day our guide took us piranha fishing. Dad, Tiana and I each caught one. Romulos demonstrated how sharp their teeth are. He also explained that piranhas can live one hour out of water. Apparently piranhas are very delicious however we threw them back into the water. A little later our guide took us to the lagoon (only 500 meters away from where we caught our piranhas) to swim. We were told that it is safe to swim there. The water was really fresh and it felt amazing to swim in the amazon.

The next day we packed up and said goodbye to the wonderful staff.

I felt really sad leaving. The jungle as i loved being in all the wildlife.