On the 12th February 2019 we left Cape Town on our journey to Colombia.

We got to the airport, checked in, sat in the lounge and relaxed before starting our epic journey.

Tiana and I in the airport lounge

Our first flight from Cape Town to Turkey was 12 hours long. Turkish airlines offers a hotel room to passengers with long stopovers, as we had a 20-hour layover in Istanbul, we were taken to a 5 star the hotel for the day.

As soon as we arrived, my family went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep so sat up drawing and talking to my friends online. We were given breakfast and lunch at the hotel, most of the day was spent in the hotel catching up on work and resting.

View over Istanbul from our Hotel

My parents had fogotten to pack warm clothes. It was summer in Cape Town and supposed to be hot in Colombia – but winter in Turkey – something everyone forgot!! As we were in shorts and T-shirts we couldn’t venture out and for sightseeing.

An American family we met in Vietnam were in Istanbul for 5 days and they caught a taxi to come and meet us for dinner. It was good to catch up with them. They bought us lots of traditional Turkish desserts. (Baklava, Turkish delight and chocolate.

At 11pm we got a call to say that our transport was ready to take us back to the airport for the next leg of our journey

The flight from Istanbul to Bogota in Colombia was 14 hours. It would have been 2am in South Africa when we boarded the flight – I was so tired that when we got onto the plane, I fell fast asleep.

We had a 2-hour stopover in Bogota to change planes for our last leg to Santa Marta.This was a short 1.5-hour flight with lovely views over Colombia.

As soon as we arrived, we couldn’t find our bags. Turns out our bags were left in Bogota. Airport staff had arranged for the bags to be on the next flight which was only an hour later, so we decided to wait at the airport for them. We bought a drink and went outside to wait – right in front of the airport is a beach, we got our feed wet and enjoyed the fresh air while waiting.

Tiana and I on the beach right outside Santa Marta Airport
ust outside Santa Marta Airport

Once we got our bags somebody ordered us a taxi to our accommodation which is a lovely Casa in Santa Marta.

It too us almost two days to get here, we left on Wednesday and arrived here on Friday. We are 7 hours behind South African time which feels really weird.

It took us almost 2 days to get here. We left on Wednesday and arrived on Friday. We are 7 hours behind South African time which feel really weird.

Casa Mestiza
Tiana and I in the pool after arriving at Casa Mestiza in Santa Marta Colombia