When we arrived in Santa Marta, Colombia, it was very hot, thank goodness the beach was near the airport. While waiting for our delayed bags to arrive, we went to the beach, had some crisps and watched the locals play dominos.

After our bags arrived we got a taxi to Casa Mastiza – the hostel we were staying in. This building is the oldest in Santa Marta, apparently it is over 100 years old and according to its history pirates lived there. The four of us stayed in one big room with a bathroom en suite. Opposite us was a weird night club. The road outside our room was very noisy and busy.

We came to Santa Marta to volunteer at ‘Tempo de Juego’ – this is a foundation set up to help empower the children and stop them from hanging around on the streets. Here they offer football, dancing, help with homework and other activities.

Me at tempo de juego dancing

After a week, we moved to another hostel called Harbor House. This is one street up from where we were and a lot more quieter. We were staying with 2 artists who were planning an art exhibition and they invited me to join and display my art work. At the exhibition I sold my first piece of art, i felt very chuffed about that.

My fist piece of art sold

On the weekend we caught a bus to Rodedero and spent the morning at the beach. We walked along the beach front afterwards and tried the local dish ‘cerviche’ which has seafood including prawn and octopus and is covered with loads of lime, salt, pepper and chili sauce. This was the most amazing meal I ever had

The ceviche

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