On the 15th of February we arrived in Colombia and made our way to Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast. We have been working at a foundation called `Tiempo De Juego’. The staff teach the children football, dancing, crafts and English. In Colombia children do morning or afternoon school so a lot of the children come at different times. This foundation also gives the children a community and opportunity’s for a better life so they don’t fall into bad habits

We stayed at a hostel called Casa Mestiza and we met lots of new and nice people, after a week we sadly we moved to another hostel called Harbor House. We have a resident cute, angry, fluffy and fat cat called Caramelo. We are staying with two artists who were having an art exhibition, they envied Rico to showcase some of his art and he even sold two pieces and got 60000 pesos.

On the weekend we caught a bus to Rodadero beach, it was very busy with locals who were enjoying the day out. I caught 3 little fish that were swimming around us. We went for seafood lunch in a restaurant when we came back from the beach we went to the super market and mom made us a delicious meal with steak and the best sour cream in the world. we also saved a bat and the next day he died