March the 2nd – 5th is the 2nd biggest carnival in the world!! This carnival is held in Barranquilla Colombia neighboring town to where we are staying in Santa Marta. A smaller carnival takes place here at the same time.

On Saturday the 2nd we went to tempo de juego to help out with make up and hair as their dance team were taking part in the parade!! A bus picked us up and took us to where the parade was starting.

Before the parade started all the participants had to perform in front of two judges; we thought that our dancers were the best.

The parade started and all the dancers lined up behind the van which was decorated and was playing the music. As the line moved the dancers moved too. We joined in with the dancers and slowly moved down the Main Street of Santa Marta.

We had a great afternoon and danced the whole afternoon.

After the whole parade we were soaking wet and white ( wet because people would spray us with foam and white because people would throw flour at us)